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Turf's Up, Tune Up!

Tunes on the Turf 2018 delivers the goods!

We had high hopes when heading to Dunedoo in Central Western NSW for the 10th Tunes on the Turf festival...

We were told it was gonna be a hell of a show and after hearing about previous years we were excited to see for ourselves, let me tell you they sure weren't wrong!

We had a Blast!!!

“We were told to expect one hell of a show, and oh man did we get one!”

We arrived early in the arvo, being sure to allow ourselves plenty of time to check out the day's entertainment, and of course do a little quality control on the refreshments that were on offer... naturally... oh and they passed by the way.

We enjoyed the sounds of the entertainment for the earlier part afternoon from the comfort of our campsite, complimented nicely by a small plethora of cheese and csabai, courtesy of our wog contingent aka Rob & John before we headed over a little closer to the action as things heated up...

Jess Holland had things rocking as always, before Blake O'Connor showed everyone what he was made of, he KILLED it!!!

We hit the stage just as the sun went down and as it got dark and cooled down, the crowed were just getting warmed up, and what a crowd they turned out to be. They absolutely ROCKED!!!

We had the best gig... the crowd were right there with us giving us everything they had, singing at the top of their lungs and loving every minute!

After finishing off what is sure to be one of our most memorable gigs to date, we retired to sample the wood-fired pizzas and yet a few more cool refreshments and settled in for the rest of the show as Brad Cox headlined and Legless Pedestrians rocked the night away into the wee hours.

We'd like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who came along for helping to make TOTT 2018 such a fantastic event, thankyou to Greg Franks for rockin out with us... we love you brother!

And finally a Massive shout out to event coordinator Rob Whackett for having us along, here's hoping we can join the fun in 2019!!!

Over & Out

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