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The first release from "The Rednecks" is a culmination of almost 10 years spent working together in bars, along with 12 months of writing, rehearsing, recording and mixing to capture a little piece of what it's like to be a Redneck Gentlemen... Its damn FUN!!!

     Recorded in Redneck Bassist John Lee's own Fattrack Studios in the band's home town of Tamworth NSW, the Debut EP consists of 5 originals and 1 cover track.

        ...After almost 10 years working as a cover band, it's safe to say it's long overdue for Redneck Gentlemen original music to surface...

Dear Head Only White.png

Single releases "Apple Pie Whisky" and "Four Shots Down" have both been successful for The Rednecks, hitting No.1 on radio stations across Australia... A.P.W's Video Clip (by Stagefright Productions) sat atop the Country Music World Chart for 2 consecutive weeks.

     With one more single release yet to come from the EP, there are plenty more exiting times to come for the Redneck boys before the next chapter in the Redneck Journey...

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Dear Head Only White.png
Dear Head Only White.png
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