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Tamworth Country Music Festival 2019

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

Redneck wrap up of the madness that is Tamworth!!!

Talk about Kick the year off with a bang!

2019 is off and racing and Tamworth has once again proven to be a great way to get it all started!

With 11 shows in 10 days, we strapped ourselves in for the ride and we had a KILLER festival. Many speculated on whether numbers were up or down for this year's festival, but we can definitely say our numbers were up!

We were stoked to see plenty of familiar faces over the course of the Festival, but even more pumped to have heaps of new faces joining our followers with many following us from gig to gig, whether or not to simply catch some more Redneck good times, or to see if John repeated his jokes... to which the answer is no... not even we know whats gonna come out of his mouth next!

“2019 is off and racing and Tamworth has once again proven to be a great way to get it all started!”

The 47th Tamworth Country Music Festival kicked off for us at The Nemingah Tavern, which subsequently became our home base for the week, we even had a bar named after us! Cheekily named the "Gentlemen's Bar" there's no doubt that one's gonna be seen again...

Throughout the 10 days we played a total of 11 shows, at The Nemingah Tavern, The Longyard, Southgate, Courthouse (hotel that is haha), one sneaky acoustic show at Tamworth Shoppingworld, The Imperial Brewhouse and the highlight was 1 show on the Toyota Park Main Stage!!! We were lucky to have some of our talented mates riding along with us for our shows with Greg Franks and Darren Gould both playing multiple shows with us, as well as Chris Staff sitting in for one cool show at the Impy... big thanks to you guys for making us sound good, as always, a pleasure having you with us, You Rock!

We also made our Cavalcade Debut this year with our very own float. Teaming as proud brand ambassadors with Bigshot Drinks we had the Bigshot Ute and Rob's truck all decked out in RNG/Bigshot get up both rolling in convoy down Peel st with us in the Back and the Bigshot Girls keeping the heart-rates up alongside. in typical Redneck Gentlemen fashion, John had the BBQ in the back cooking up a storm! (ok it was really a smoke machine in there as we weren't allowed the real deal... damn OH&S, but it looked the part...)

We finished our festival off with a bang back at Nemingah with our Bigshot Wrap Party, which was a really cool way to top off a great week of shows, we played some tunes and had merch giveaways as well as free Bigshot tastings, promo girls, and even our own "Apple Pie Whiskey" mason jars for sale at the bar!

Well... thats a wrap from us for now... Over and Out...

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